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Or you can just use your home .m2 cache directory that you share e.g. with your Eclipse/IDEA:

The $MAVEN_CONFIG dir (default to /root/.m2 ) could be configured as a volume so anything copied there in a Dockerfile at build time is lost. For that reason the dir /usr/share/maven/ref/ exists, and anything in that directory will be copied on container startup to $MAVEN_CONFIG .

To create a pre-packaged repository, create a pom.xml with the dependencies you need and use this in your Dockerfile . /usr/share/maven/ref/settings-docker.xml is a settings file that changes the local repository to /usr/share/maven/ref/repository , but you can use your own settings file as long as it uses /usr/share/maven/ref/repository as local repo.

To add your custom settings.xml file to the image use

For an example, check the tests dir

Maven needs the user home to download artifacts to, and if the user does not exist in the image an extra user.home Java property needs to be set.

For example, to run as user 1000 mounting the host' Maven repo

The maven images come in many flavors, each designed for a specific use case.

This is the defacto image. If you are unsure about what your needs are, you probably want to use this one. It is designed to be used both as a throw away container (mount your source code and start the container to start your app), as well as the base to build other images off of.

This image does not contain the common packages contained in the default tag and only contains the minimal packages needed to run maven . Unless you are working in an environment where only the maven image will be deployed and you have space constraints, we highly recommend using the default image of this repository.

This image is based on the popular Alpine Linux project , available in air jordan 12 french blue buy you
. Alpine Linux is much smaller than most distribution base images (~5MB), and thus leads to much slimmer images in general.

This variant is highly recommended when final image size being as small as possible is desired. The main caveat to note is that it does use nike free tr fit 3 print atomic purple hair BT5FRn
instead of nike roshe run speckle black sole fish rt32h
, so certain software might run into issues depending on the depth of their libc requirements. However, most software doesn't have an issue with this, so this variant is usually a very safe choice. See this Hacker News comment thread for more discussion of the issues that might arise and some pro/con comparisons of using Alpine-based images.

Forecast: Foggy overnight; Chance of thunderstorms Wednesday

New Jersey saw mostly cloudy, dreary conditions Tuesday with temperatures in the low- to mid-40s.

News 12 New Jersey Meteorologist Michele Powers says that more rain is expected Wednesday with the chance of some thunderstorms.

News 12 New Jersey

Tuesday’s overnight hours should see areas of fog with some light rain. Temperatures should stay in the 40s.

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MORE: News 12 Weather Center

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MORE: News 12 Weather Center

Wednesday’s weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with the chance of thunderstorms. High temperatures should reach the low-60s.

Thursday should see mostly sunny skies with cooler temperatures in the upper-40s.

Friday is expected to see the return of clouds and scattered rain, with high temperatures in the upper-50s.

Stay with News 12 New Jersey for the latest weather information, and download the News 12 app for on-the-go weather updates.

Authorities say two women were driving drunk when they separately caused numerous crashes involving parked vehicles.

Stella Artois is voluntarily recalling 11.2 oz. glass bottles in the U.S. and in some cases, Canada, because a packaging flaw may cause a small piece of glass to break off and possibly fall into the bottles.

A teenager sang the theme from the television show "Cops" after he was arrested following a chase through Bergen County.

Wednesday will mark 50 years since the death of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

New Jersey Transit's board has postponed a meeting where it was due to consider a controversial plan to buy a 3-acre site on Hoboken's waterfront to use as a ferry maintenance terminal.

A New Jersey utility company may be abusing its power by disconnecting or threatening to disconnect service unless customers pay large utility bills for which they are not legally responsible.

The New Jersey Devils are hoping to clinch a spot in the NHL playoffs for the first time in five seasons.

Gov. Phil Murphy says he's proposing $100 million in new spending to address the state's opioid crisis.

A woman opened fire Tuesday at YouTube headquarters, wounding three people before fatally shooting herself as terrified employees huddled inside, police and witnesses said.

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