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Author: Marshall, Evelyn T.

The word "garment" has distinctive meanings to Latter-day Saints. The white undergarment worn by those members who have received the ordinance of the temple Endowment is a ceremonial one. All adults who enter the temple are required to wear it. In LDS temples, men and women who receive priesthood ordinances wear this undergarment and other priestly robes. The garment is worn at all times, but the robes are worn only in the temple. Having made covenants of righteousness, the members wear the garment under their regular clothing for the rest of their lives, day and night, partially to remind them of the sacred covenants they have made with God.

The white garment symbolizes purity and helps assure modesty, respect for the attributes of God, and, to the degree it is honored, a token of what Paul regarded as taking upon one the whole armor of God ( Eph. 6:13 ; cf. sepatu nike air max original 2014 chevy
). It is an outward expression of an inward covenant, and symbolizes Christlike attributes in one's mission in life. Garments bear several simple marks of orientation toward the gospel principles of obedience, truth, life, and discipleship in Christ.

An agency of the Church manufactures these garments in contemporary, comfortable, and lightweight fabrics. They are available for purchase through Church distribution centers.

Scripture, as well as legends from many lands and cultures, points toward the significance of sacral clothing. A biblical tradition teaches that Adam and Eve, prior to their expulsion from Eden, wore sacred clothing. "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them" ( nike air max 95 blue mens jacket
). These were given in a context of repentance and forgiveness, and of offering sacrifice and making covenants.

In antiquity, priestly vestments were part of widespread tradition. The Targums (Aramaic paraphrases of the Old Testament) teach that these garments were "precious garments" or "glorious garments" or "garments of honor." Rabbi Eleazer called them "coats of glory." A rabbinic source asks: "And what were those garments?" The answer is, "The vestments of the High Priesthood, with which the Almighty clothed them because Adam was the world's first-born" (Kasher, Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation , Vol. 1, p. 137). In Moses' time those who officiated in the Tabernacle wore a certain kind of garment: "And [Moses] put upon [Aaron] the coat, and girded him with the girdle, and clothed him with the robe, and put the ephod upon him, and he girded him with the curious girdle of the ephod, and bound it unto him therewith" ( mens nike free run 40 v2
; see Testament of Levi 8). Latter-day Saints similarly wear temple garments in connection with their priesthood functions.

Welcome to the Communication Matrix

The Communication Matrix has created a free assessment tool to help families and professionals easily understand the communication status, progress, and unique needs of anyone functioning at the early stages of communication or using forms of communication other than speaking or writing.

"I am very excited about using this Matrix as part of our assessment and treatment plan for students with ASD." - Special Education Teacher

Our Community includes an active forum where SLPs, teachers, families, and researchers can connect, share information, learn from the field, and offer and receive support.

"I love a focus on complex communication needs. Frequently I look at sites or information that does not apply to my students. It is great to have a site that focuses on the students I work with." - Parent

The Communication Matrix is a free online assessment tool created to help professionals and family members support people with severe communication disorders in their journey toward greater self-expression.

Visit our Community Forum, a resource for anyone who supports someone with a severe communication disorder. Family members, educators, professionals, and researchers use the Forum to educate themselves and support each other.

The Communication Matrix is a service of the Design to Learn Projects at Oregon Health Science University © 2018 Charity Rowland, Ph.D.

Site by State33 and Smith Connors

Support Our Important Work

Support the Communication Matrix with a tax-deductible gift.

The Communication Matrix and community are FREE for everyone. Help us maintain and improve it.

Your information will not be saved unless you register. You may register for free at anytime throughout the tryout by clicking the orange button bottom right. If you have already registered and logged in, please use the "Start a New Assessment" button in the upper right to start an assessment you wish to save.

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The information you enter in the assessment is completely secure and cannot be identified. When you use this free service, we ask you to provide some very basic information about the individual you are assessing (gender, age, ethnic background, country of residence, disability and specific impairments) and your relationship to that person. However, we have no way of indentifying who has used this service.


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Some compound words (like bus rapid transit, dog whistle, or identity theft ) don’t appear on the drop-down list when you enter them into the search window. If a compound term doesn’t appear in the drop-down list, try entering the term into the search window and then hit the search button (instead of the “enter” key). Alternatively, begin searches for compound terms with a quotation mark.

The Usage Panel is a group of nearly 200 prominent scholars, creative writers, journalists, diplomats, and others in occupations requiring mastery of language. The Panelists are surveyed annually to gauge the acceptability of particular usages and grammatical constructions.

The Panelists

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The Indo-European appendix covers nearly half of the Indo-European roots that have left their mark on English words. A more complete treatment of Indo-European roots and the English words derived from them is available in our Dictionary of Indo-European Roots .

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